The 2018 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100

Chris Reecer American Widgeon Photograph

Feast your eyes on the American Wigeon.
A photograph that Chris submitted to the 2018 Audubon Photography Awards Top 100 selected to be among the 100 best shots!

This year photographers from across the United States and Canada submitted more than 8,000 images to the ninth annual Audubon Photography Awards. We know you want to see more of the entries, so every year we select 100 additional photographs to share. Displayed in no particular order, the images here feature birds in all their varied glory, from intimate portraits of family life to fascinating feeding behavior to massive flocks in motion. To view them all go to

Category: Amateur
Photographer: Chris Reecer
Species: American Wigeon
Location: Trinity Park, Fort Worth, TX
Story Behind the Shot: With their beautiful colors and unusual calls, American Wigeons are among Reecer’s favorite birds and photographic subjects. Lucky for Reecer, Trinity Park, in his hometown of Fort Worth, hosts plenty of waterfowl in winter, wigeons included. He found this male taking a mid-morning nap one December day, and was drawn to its reflection in the mirror-like water.



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